Apartment construction: "AVAN 2"
2010-04-27 - 2013-04-30
“YSU Graduate Union” NGO, under the high patronage of the RA President, “YSU Graduate Union” NGO Chairman of Board of Trustees S. Sargsyan launches the second stage of the social project “Support to the Young Universitarians’ Apartment Building”.

The address of the new multi apartment building is Yerevan, Avan Community, Tsarav Aghbyur 55/6 (the neighboring area of the Botanic Garden). As for the apartments, the project includes triple room and double room flats. The total amount of the apartments is 90. The price of 1 square meter is 180000 AMD.


The construction of the complex will be launched on May, 2010 and is expected to be accomplished in October 2012.

Taking into the consideration the fact that the housing issue of the young professorial and pedagogic staff is an urgent one not only for YSU personnel, but also for the youth representatives of other state HEI of the Republic of Armenia, a decision was made by “YSU Graduate Union” Board of Trustees to provide with the opportunity to obtain an apartment in this complex the representatives of the RA other state HEI, too.

The draft of the multi apartment complex is the following:

The building is monolith armored-concrete, covered with basalt and travertine. There are 14 living floors, 7 apartments in each floor (with open kitchens) – double rooms and triple rooms.
Three lifts, freight and passenger, will be installed in this building. A sports ground for children together with garden will be built, too.

The residents will be provided with an opportunity to obtain garages in the underground parking area, as well as social service territories by the address Tsarav Aghbyur 55/5 in the building, constructed under the patronage of “YSU Graduate Union” NGO in the first stage.

The apartment description is the following.

Apartments are covered with parquet.
Bathroom is covered with tiles.
The internal division of the apartments is realized according to the living building architectural general draft.
The interior of the apartments is realized according to the variants, suggested by the constructing company and is chosen by the resident.
The color of walls is chosen from the variants suggested by the company by future resident.
The entrance door is a metallic one; the inner doors of the apartments and parquet are made of rye.
The windows are made of metal-plast.
The electrical installations are realized according to the electro-installation draft of the building.
Electric blocks are installed.
The heating system installation accomplished without the sets.
The bathroom floor heated.
The building is gasified.

The payment order for the apartment acquisition

According to the preliminary contract, signed with future resident, the payment order is the following:
- preliminary payment in the period of 10 days after the contract is signed in the extent of 35 % of the cost of the apartment,
- first intermediate payment after signing of the preliminary contract in the period of the following 8 months in the extent of 30 % of the cost of the apartment,
- second intermediate payment in the period of 16 months after the signing of the contract in the extent of 20% of the cost of the apartment,
- final payment after the signing of the act of the acceptance of the apartment in the period of 7 calendar days in the extent of 15% of the cost of the apartment.

The conditions to be included in the possible target group of the share holders:

The possible share holders of the project can become the young specialists which correspond to the following conditions: age limitation up to 35, scientific degree required, those who have got at least 3 years of job experience in given HEI, married and have got the need in housing.

The documents required to be included in the target group of share holders:

An application-description on the need of housing, addressed to the Chairman of “YSU Graduate Union” NGO. The square meter preference must be mentioned here by all means
A reference on the participation of the project, given by the Rectorate of the HEI
The passport copy of the share holder
A reference on the share holder’s position and job experience in the HEI
A document certifying the share holder’s scientific degree
The copy of the document certifying about the marital status
A reference from the RA State Cadastre Committee Information Center (Yerevan, Komitas av. 35/2) certifying about the private property of the share holder on the territory of the Republic of Armenia
A reference from the residence area on the family composition

In the limits of possibilities in the framework of this project RA state HEI are given corresponding quotas.
At least two candidatures of share holders must be presented by state HEI for each apartment. The share holders will be selected by the draw, realized by “YSU Graduate Union” NGO. Those who have submitted all the required documents, but do not correspond to the requirements of the project will not be provided with the opportunity to participate in the draw.

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