YSU Dilijan Sports and Health Complex
2004-03-20 - 2012-05-16
The tent camp was founded by YSU authorities in Dilijan (Bldan river valley) on the territory of 1.5 h in 1959.

Later 10 wooden houses were built in the complex. The complex includes canteen, swimming-pool, restrooms and sports grounds. 45 years have passed since this glorious day. All the above mentioned still exists, but… The most memorable days of many of YSU lecturers are connected with this complex. 500 students can spend their holidays per summer here. Today camp needs serious reconstruction activities, as have never been renovated since 1959. Specialists state about 200 million drams are required to provide the camp with satisfactory conditions.


YSU, of course, has not the possibility to allocate such amount of money for the renovation. And YSU Graduate Union has found a different way to solve the issue. Some month ago Chairman of Board of Trustees of the organization Serzh Sargsyan visited the camp, accompanied with the Union representatives. They have learnt about the conditions on the spot. The nature is really a fantastic one, and the conditions, frankly speaking, very bad. YSU students unanimously state they will be pleased with any reform. This year the students together with the Director of the Camp Moris Davtyan tried to make a little bit easier the mission of YSU Graduate Union. They have made their own project of renovation activities and presented to the union. According to this draft 9 houses will be replaced by new 6.


The fundament must be made of stone, walls – wooden, roof – tilt. Each room must have one common corridor, 5 rooms, one kitchen, restroom and bathroom. Two stone-made cottages will be built, too. They have also made the calculations: each house needs 4-5 million AMD. But the Union has decided to solve the issues on a very high level: to make the full renovation and to make it correspond to all modern standards. But before this all is undertaken, the Union has initiated the meeting of all-times alumni in the end of 2005, where the report and upcoming projects will be focused on.

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